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Our MA llc company can provide you landscaping service also...

vodoem1 If you need creating of greenery and landscape design.  If you need creating design any difficulty level, you've come to the right place.

MA llc - Dubai interior design company can provide...


MA llc construction company offer the best quality for:
Interior design, Kitchen design, Decoration (Interior/Exterior),
Plumbing, Electrical, Joinery, Tiling, Best interiors in Dubai...

The MA llc include three departments.

Interior design
interior design company department
  • Unique design projects;
  • Re-planning, re-design;
  • Renew partition etc;
  • Makeover, remodeling;
  • Any of difficulties works;
  • Famous designers
construction company department
  • Building of villas;
  • Buildings of commercial;
  • All types of license;
  • Municipality docs approve;
  • Exterior | Interior works;
  • Qualified specialists

interior design company

  • Home maintenance;
  • Swimming pool service;
  • IT maintenance service;
  • Personal Computer service;
  • Electrical TV maintenance;
  • AC maintenance;

Terms and conditions by email -

    Maintenance service

A Maintenance department of our company reduced cost for some services ——————— >

Home maintenance cleaning:
Door, wall, floor, ceiling repairing
cleaning | home maid service

IT maintenance, network repairing

IT maintenance service:
Personal computer installing OS repairing;
Network installingrepairing; cleaning out a virus infection

AC maintenance, repairing, cleaning

AC maintenance service:
Installing, cleaning repairing;


Building and maintenance:
Repairing equipment, cleaning, etc.


Installing and repairing:
TV, Cctv, Security camera, Satellite antenna

Are you looking for interior design company Dubai for... ?

A plan, and project, a ... Evrething! completely in shot time. We have a great experience in renovation, remodeling etc...


The company to have a build department as well …
And we can provide you turnkey service…
Just come to live.


We have been involved in the construction and development 25 shops in Dubai ... and now we knows everything about it.

FAQ about Interior design expanses

Interior design expanses vary based on projects, number of sq.ft. the premises, and some other things like vary materials. For residential projects, some designers (interior companies ) in Dubai usually earn a per-hour fee plus a percentage of the total cost of furniture, lighting, artwork, and other design elements. MA llc company is suppliers of furniture and some materials for construction works, cause of this we can reduce the precent of commission then other interior design companies in Dubai will get from client. For commercial design, our company will charge per-hour fees, or a flat fee for the whole project.

Can I hire your company for an hour? Yes, we can offer consultation with clients about specific things, such as flat remodeling. Make-overs can include spending an hour selecting materials, elements, redesigning an existing space, or planning a new layout of a any room. You have to note that we will NOT charge a client for developing the project if customer is hiring our company for complex scope of work.

What is a complex service of your MA llc construction company? Three-dimensional sketches to assist the client see their future design. Color and material various selection, selection of plumbing fixtures, AC planing and fixing, types of cabinetry and finishing, paint colors and textures, flooring, trim to include base, doors, windows and etc. It would be our pleasure to create an interior design for our client including turnkey solutions. We place, select, and arrange a client’s accessories and arts.

Italian Furniture
house design & furniture

A furniture for interior design

When time comes to "create space", we need be sure not only about colors and style, but also wisely select furniture that match into the "idea". If we are dealing with furniture … You can order Italian furniture in Dubai ...

Italian furniture in Duabi
The first step for your interior design

The first step forAn apartments or commercial properties renovation – How to begin? On our website we will explain you in detail manner, steps that renovation work will go through and outline it's principal moments and main stages in Dubai. So… you have decided to start work on renovation or redecoration of your apartment, flat or a villa. But so far you have not idea how your  mind will turn into reality … Call us and find out  

where to begin...?
See a new interior before you build it

taunhouse_2et-badroom_1_01 3D rendering is a process during which a model of a construction, renovation or decoration interior project is made with a help of computer graphics. It allows you to see or visualize the view of your apartment, villa or flat  with all elements like furniture and décor elements, before it has been build. We have completed 700+ interior design projects.

3D rendering...
Color in your apartment
Color in interior design

On this page you will find very interesting application that will help you to find better solution for combination between shades of colors materials, furniture etc… Especially it will be useful for beginners...



Interior design FREE of charge

Call us right now for terms and conditions. Our contact details you will find lt here.

CONTACT US RIGHT NOW and TAKE DISCOUNT for renovation your apartment

Do you need assistance for for interior design in Dubai? Just send message to us about your inquiry and our consultant will contact you shortly. We will assist to chose furniture, color or any cool stuff for your apartment. All architects, designers and manager which are working in our company to have specialized, higher education, portfolio on completed and realized interior design projects, they are aware of all modern tendencies of design today. Photos of our interiors are published in professional magazines in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Projects are developed according with regulation norms and are technically feasible (i.e. can be done in practice). Besides sketches and decorative of your project, we also develop construction technical layouts. Our architects and designers will supervise the process of re-planning and project realization.


Discount for remodelingand construction works in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Only the current month!


Until last day of current month only. We are offering 25% discount for interior project and 15% for constructing works in Dubai, Abu Dhabi for apartment, villa, office.

A maintenance department of our company reduced price for changing a flat partition and house renovation works

Call right now to maintenance department of our company for any maintenance works.

  • Home care maintenance
  • Swimming pool maintenance
  • AC system and maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Cleaning service
  • TV maintenance
  • Network IT service
  • Personal Computer repairing

Interior design projects

for house, villa, apartment, office, restaurant and shop has been established - 0.00 AED

A terms and conditions by email

Flat remodeling and commercial renovation
from 150 AED/м2

Price for 3D rendering flats and commercial properties

3D rendering in Dubai

for flats, apartment, villa, office, restaurants and other commercial premises and residents apartments.
from 0 AED/sq.ft !!!

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New way to decorate of your home | restaurant | hotel

Self-illuminating textile

A soft decorative light to give the right atmosphere to your environment. Can be used as interior design elements.

sell illumin textile

3D render in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

3D sketches of design flat and interiors of apartments in gallery

Our gallery has been updated with 3D visualization of slipping room, bathroom, small apartment and kids room interior. In our gallery you can see these and lot of other works.

3D design interior hole

Our construction company have been started at the 2005

Our company include three department: Interior design, Construction, Maintenance

Our Construction Company is dedicated to providing the best service in quality construction with total customer satisfaction in mind

was started at the 2005 and have now around 300 projects

We stil have a good trend cause our quality and price have a good balace on the market .



apartment bedroom
In our portfolio you can find unique ideas how decorate of your bedroom.
interior design of commercial office vip zone
The respectable company have to have nice interior of office.
Are you going to establish pub or restaurant? We have good ideas for it.
We have made  a bank.There are few projects for banks.
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